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Hacking Android Phones

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By: Priyank Gada

April 8, 2017

Did you ever think of hacking into anyone's phone and getting all the data like they do in the movies? Well, that's not actually hacking but it's called spying. Spying is a term in hacking but not considered as hacking. A hacker can remotely install Spyware to spy on others. Ever wonder what would happen if a hacker gained physical access to your phone just for 2 minutes? He/She can install a spyware on your phone. The hacker can also craft custom scripts that can install applications remotely. This scripts mostly get executed after clicking on a link.Here I will use a custom created spyware program that is developed by me and is slightly similar to applications like tispy and mspy. You can find paid applications like this from the following websites: MSpy-  and TiSpy- Channel - Page: 
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