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Why "Hackers" Are Important for the Virtual World

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By: Umar SK Pathan

May 23, 2017

hacker-backHackers! One of the most mysterious words in the dictionary. They seek for justice in an unjustified way. They are the guardians of the internet. They are everywhere, on every computer, on every network.  Who are they? What do they want? What is their motive? Let’s find out here.Nowadays, we live in two different worlds at the same time. Our physical world and the virtual world. We humans, during our evolution, have managed to maintain a good governmental system to simplify the lives of each and every citizen of a country. Today's system of the governmental ruling is a result of a revolution of more than 5 thousand years. So, by now we have a very complicated ruling system under which we live in with our rights. And to maintain that system we have our own administration simply known as Police and other law enforcements. We have a constitution that we follow. And if any single rules of that constitution are violated by someone, then the administration gives that fellow a punishment that he/she may regret for the rest of their lives. Now,  this physical world has been here for more than a billion years. So this evolution is now in a very sustainable pursuit where everything happens systematically and according to rules.But, now the second world we live in, the virtual world is a product of an evolution of only 47 years. It started off with the launch of the internet in 1969. But this world started to grow so rapidly that now it dominates more than 80% of the activities of our physical world. And there’s no doubt that this percentage may jump up to 100 within the next couple of years. One thing that terrifies me is that, we humans couldn’t build up a stable ruling system in this virtual world. There are no borders, no governments, no rules, no administration. So violating human rights is quite easy in this virtual world. And so we need a government that would keep us safe, protects our rights in this virtual world. But the sky has no borders and so it is impossible for us to build a government in the virtual world. And that’s why hackers are important.Hackers are the group of people who fights for justice in the virtual world. They are the keepers, the protectors, the saviors. Whenever they find something inappropriate, they take steps to prevent it right away. It is for them, we feel safe while browsing on the internet. They are the guardians of the virtual world. They fight for rights, they fight for freedom, they fight for us. In this virtual world, where there are no rules, they are the ones to make them. Being a hacker is a very devoting passion. A hacker breaks into a system that is unbreakable. And for this, they not only learns some skills and codes, they master them. A hacker is an engineer, a philosopher, and an artist all roled up into one. They are the rulers. You just can't fight them, just like you can't fight your government. And as we have some corrupted people in our government, there are hackers who are corrupted too. We call them ‘black hat hackers'.Now think of the life of a hacker. He spends his entire life sitting in front of his laptop. Breaking into complicated networks, risking his own life, his own rights just to make sure that you stay safe. And what do they get in return? Nothing much except for a name tag as “Criminals” given by us, the very same people for whom they sacrifice their own lives and sits in front of a laptop without a single smile and with a lot of anxiety including the thought of getting caught. They are our saviors, our protectors, our guardians. If there is anyone who can give us our rights in the virtual world, it's them. We owe them a lot but choose to call them criminals.So next time you see a hacker, don’t just see him as a hacker but as your protector, your savior, your hero.  Peace.
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