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Getting Started with PS Tools

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By: H5p

January 28, 2017

 psexec-1Estimated reading time: 1 minuteI found a really good toolset which may come in handy when it comes to doing things remotely. This may help admins and other IT staff that need to do things remotely.Download the PS tools, which can be found easily and downloaded from the internet.1) PsExecThe below command will give us the cmd of the remote machine. If you want to execute the program on the remote machine, then just add -i -s -d after the psexec command.command : psexec \remoteIP -u username -p password cmdpsexec-1psexec-2psexec-3psexec-42) Getting the security ID (psgetsid)command : psgetsid \remoteIP -u username -p passwordpsgetsid-53) pskill - killing the process with process IDcommand : pskill \remoteIP -u username -p password processIDpskill-64) psservice  - finding if a particular service is present or notcommand : psservice \remoteIP -u username -p password service_namepsservice-7 5) psshutdowncommand : psshutdown \remoteIPpsshutdown-8Thanks  :)Comment below if you have any questions or suggestions.
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