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Getting Available Memory from Juliar.Future (Juliar Compiler)

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By: Rattar

May 21, 2017

code-compilerHello RatTeamsters and Cybrarians,Today we will be learning about checking the memory in Juliar.Future.So why is it important to check the memory?
  1. Sometimes an application can take up a lot of memory and you might need to reduce it.
  2. Find out how much memory some object or class takes for debugging purposes
So let's start with creating our main function:
function main() = {}
Then inside of it, let's put the code:

int x = availableMemory();

print("available memory = ");


This will print out available memory. Feel free to check different objects this way.One example is:

int x = availableMemory();

string y = "Some random string I am trying to find memory";

print(- x availableMemory());

Good luck and have fun using the available memory command!
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