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Getting Started in Ethical Hacking

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By: tavesey

August 19, 2016

Hacking has been around for a very long time. Hacking is something that many people want to learn, but fail to do so. There can be several reasons for that. There are quite a few misconceptions about this subject that I'd like to talk about and share with everybody. I'll also help you get into hacking the right way, so that you can get on board as soon as possible. What are the misconceptions about hacking?- There's a fast way to learn it.

Something that I've heard a lot during my career as an ethical hacker is that you can learn it quickly. Hacking is not pressing magic buttons and making something happen. It's an art. It takes a lot of learning and a lot of practicing to become a good hacker. I will explain more about this later.

- You can download many hacking tools from your browser that make it easy.

This is a mistake many beginners make when they start. They probably search online for ways to hack accounts or websites, and they find software that promises to do these things for you. Well, they don't say that. They want you to feel like you're doing everything, like you're the hacker here. Most likely, you will get Malware and Ransomware by downloading this software.

 Now that the biggest misconceptions are cleared, let's talk about where to get startedYou are reading this article on Cybrary, which is an excellent first step. This website provides some of the best courses on hacking and IT you can find. There are specific courses you need to finish to acquire the basic knowledge to become a good hacker:Security+ will teach you the basics of security on your computer. You'll learn about Firewalls and Proxies, which are incredibly important things. Obviously, there's a lot more going on than just that on this course. There's quite a few lessons that teach you about security, which is crucial knowledge for ethical hackers.Computer and Hacking Forensics is, as I said, optional. You can learn a lot in this course about using digital forensics to catch cyber criminals. This is good stuff to know; I recommend you check it out. What else do you need to know to get started?You're going to need a second operating system specifically for hacking. I recommend installing Kali Linux. Kali Linux has over 300 penetration testing tools and it can carry out anything you need when it comes to hacking. There are other operating systems like Ubuntu, but it's best to use Kali. How do you install these operating systems?There are 4 ways:
  • Using your main partition to install Kali Linux as your main and only operating system
  • Putting it on a second partition created by the user, so that you use your memory for 2 operating systems
  • Using a Virtual Machine
  • Making a live USB for the operating system
Installing the OS is the easy part. Now comes the actual work. You probably won't need to use the operating system yet, as there's a lot you need to actually learn.These courses will provide you with the needed information for using the tools of the trade. I have introduced you to the basics; you need to carry out the rest with these courses. I hope you enjoyed reading this and happy hacking!
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