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Get to Know Best Cloud SSO Providers For Your IT Business

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By: Ugra Narayan Pandey

September 5, 2018

Employees in every organization have to face the headache of remembering a slew of account login credentials. For an individual, it becomes difficult to keep multiple things in one mind. It is so because already lots of tasks are there that a person needs to remember in mind and adding up the activity to learn passwords leads to stress building. For Cloud Data Security purpose, enterprises restrict their employees to save password on sticky notes of PC or in any of the mail accounts as a draft. The typical type of small company comprises at least 15 cloud applications, and this program number increases with the size of a firm. It is a time-consuming task to again-and-again log in and logs out from different accounts. Such type of hectic operation results in a decrease in the performance of an employee and hence, business productivity too.

Here Comes The Role Of Cloud SSO As A Lifesaver!

This is one of the suitable cloud data protection solutions. A proper cloud single sign-on solution consolidates the login information for all SaaS apps and manages them under an umbrella. Only one password is required to be remembered for an employee to access multiple applications. The approach enables the IT team in monitoring data access and controls the security policies from the back end. Also, the administrator will have authority to periodically change account password for security purpose and, create credential of new employees. Cloud SSO proves itself useful at the time of revoking access from an individual who has left the industry.At the time a data breach occurs, single sign-on solutions permit users to change account passwords of several systems at once. This is one of the useful benefits of using SSO in online computing. Now it might be possible that employees to create an easy-to-remember and robust password when it is about remembering only one password. Before we get to know about a best cloud SSO provider, let us learn some basic features. These features will describe easy password management solution with more security.

What Makes A SSO Service the Best?

Following factors need to be checked by an organization while adopting SSO solution service in for their work:

  1. Support for All Web-Based Cloud Applications: When a firm is seeking for the cloud SSO provider, they should make sure that all online applications are supported in their service. The applications will be the one that businesses are utilizing, either on-premises or off-premises. First, look for the support of business online storage services known as shared services and enterprise file sync. Those services comprise Egnyte Connect, Dropbox Business, Box Business, etc.
  2. Easy-in-use and Renders Continuous Data Security: To select the best cloud SSO provider, enterprises should also check for two major aspects, i.e., security and easy-to-use. Check that administrator user interface and end-user GUI is simple in use and not too much complicated. Talking about the protection then, there are two aspects need to see in an SSO service – Multi-factor authentication and Control over Password Policies.
  • Multi-factor authentication (also known as two-factor authentication) gives assurance that even if the password gets lost then, it will be of no use for a hacker. The role of MFA is that if an attacker tries to login into intruder’s account with a different machine then, extra credentials will be required to access the profile. A warning alert message or a security verification code is sent on the authentic user mobile phone. This makes him or her aware that someone is trying to access the account from unknown geolocation.
  • Password policy controls enable the administrator to define the rules to create an account password. They can make it mandatory to append special characters, numbers, upper case alphabets, etc., at the time of password creation. Training sessions can be conducted to guide users that ‘how to create a strong password’. Remember one thing – stronger the password is, harder it will be to perform a brute-force attack.

This was all about the things that an enterprise needs to keep in mind while choosing a cloud SSO service.

Best Cloud SSO Provider – CloudCodes

CloudCodes ranks as one of the most recognizable names in the domain of single sign-on solution. It provides the simplified to business customers for working with SSO approach. Following points describe the fact that why CloudCodes is most likely among end users from all around the world:
  • Possible to use the solution on desktops as well as smartphones
  • Use custom protocols to integrate with custom on-premises apps
  • Easy provisioning and de-provisioning of online applications
  • Enable customers to achieve single point access for several apps
  • Only a single console screen is availed to manage multiple employees
  • Contribute to increase productivity by providing 24*7 security
This cloud data protection solution strengthens the existing online security protocols. The difficulties get reduced regarding clicks and therefore, time elimination in remembering credentials of each account. Business administrators will be able to locate real-time operations that are carried away with provisioning and de-provisioning sanctioned programs. The solution also renders several security solutions like MFA, Access Control, Cloud DLP, Mobile device management, etc. All these are useful to secure business confidential information from the occurrence of today’s Cyber Threat.
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