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The Future Threats of Cyber Security

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By: barbaraell

March 27, 2018

Modern Cyber Security

Nowadays, human beings cannot imagine their lives without the notion of the Internet. This way, it is essential to analyze the potential threats to cybersecurity to make the future of society safer and, as a result, happier.

Along with the fast changes that occur in the world, the Internet is also constantly changing and developing. That is why, nowadays, the issue of cybernetics is as crucial as never before. Thus, when analyzing the future threats to the cybersecurity which are expected to happen in 2018 one should, first of all, differentiate several main aspects of this threats.

The first one concerns the effect the government’s active or passive actions have on the problem of cybersecurity. Here it is possible to mention that reactive type of policymaking can fragment the notion and function of the Internet, as well as broaden the nation-state boundaries. In addition to this, it is policymaking and positive decisions made by the government that can undermine the human rights. It is also essential to take into account the sudden rise of the cyber-attacks that are sponsored by the state as it becomes inter vented with the issue of national security. Even though it is happening at present, there still exist some level of uncertainty concerning the question whether there might occur any further disruptions of the network. Additionally, it is better to reduce the confidence of the Internet users in the popular stereotypes about the safety of their data represented in the online sources.

As a matter of fact, the modern society is becoming more and more depended on the Internet, and it means that the constant cyber attacks can be viewed as a form of attractive men for the actors on the political arena and those political processes that are currently present in it.

Let’s consider other important issues

            The second important issue concern the question whether the process of securing the Internet can make its usage more difficult and complicate in future. Hence, one may state that, according to the recent studies and reports dedicated to this problem, the Internet is supposed to remain safe and easy in usage, regardless all the upcoming challenging issues and trends in cyber securing.

            A lot of experts and scientist tend to believe that, approximately in five years, the society will talk about the importance of cybersecurity because everything will be much more insecure comparing to the current situation. Therefore, the modern organizations would better focus on cybersecurity right now, until it is not too late. The lack of cybersecurity is one of the most grueling problems of the present times because it leads to the situation in which businesses and world users have to feel more confident about the integrity of their protected data. Moreover, the successful and collaborative security is the key step in the way of minimizing the cyber risk in the most efficient way.

The society has to understand that the notion of cybersecurity should be completely embraced by different big organizations as the collection of personal data of the citizens have to be thoroughly monitored all the time. The organizations should be well-prepared for future cyberattacks as, according to the recent surveys, quite soon, there will be a lot of them. This way, what should the humanity wait for in 2018 concerning the issue of cybersecurity?

The first thing to mention here is that it is expected that the increased connectivity in the sphere of education and healthcare system can become the main target for the future cyberattacks. As the researchers believe, this year people will quite often hear about various education breaches in the coming year. From such perspective, educational institutions and sites will most probably have to elicit the unprotected patchwork of systems that lead to the lack of resources because, otherwise, it will be hard for them to defend their right for privacy.

In addition to this, the IT in healthcare is another sphere that is supposed to suffer from constant attacks in future. As one may also point out, the data shift has recently reached the richest of available data. As for the educational systems, they also seem to become the precious target for cyberattacks in the nearest future, and one of the main reasons of it concerns their richness. It is also essential to point out that, as it is expected, the cybercriminals will go for using more worms to launch malware families. The next thing is that more and more cybersecurity software will be supposed to become a target aim of cybercriminals.

All in all, one may come up with the conclusion that world organizations should take into high consideration and monitor the aspect of their endpoint security to have appropriate protection from the cyberattacks
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