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Free Windows Data Recovery Tool to Repair Corrupt Hard Disk Drive

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By: mahima11

July 25, 2017

Windows Data Recovery tool is the best hard disk recovery software for Windows users. In extreme data loss situations or an event of hard disk failure, it can restore data from the hard drive containing FAT and NTFS file systems. It supports both FAT data recovery and NTFS data recovery from corrupt hard disk with ease. Via this hard disk recovery software, you can restore lost or deleted files, photos, videos and other important documents in their original form. 

Uncommon Properties of Windows Data Recovery Software:

Windows Data Recovery: This Windows Data Recovery tool can restore data from the hard drive in case of data loss due to accidental deletion or corruption. It can successfully restore deleted, corrupt or inaccessible files from Windows hard disk in their original form.

Formatted Drive Recovery: If you’ve recently formatted your hard disk drive, you can use this software to recover your maximum possible data from it. But make sure the drive or volume is not overwritten.

FAT Data Recovery: If you’re looking for FAT data recovery solution, this hard disk recovery software best fits your need. It supports all variants of FAT file systems, such as FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, andFAT64 (exFAT).

NTFS Data Recovery: Another file system in Windows is NTFS (new technology file system). It supports NTFS data recovery which means you can restore data from the hard drive containing an NTFS file system.

Dual Scanning Modes: There are two scanning modes in this software, i.e. Standard and Advance, to handle a different level of corruption.

Add Custom Volume: With advanced scanning mode, it helps you add a new custom volume. In the case of missing volume, you can add a new volume and define its custom settings.

Multiple Recovery Modes: If you’re performing FAT data recovery, you’ll get two recovery modes: Standard&Advanced. And if you’re performing NTFS data recovery, you’ll get three recovery modes: Standard, Advanced&Deep.

RAW Recovery Mode: In the case of severe corruption, you can use RAW recovery mode to recover your data in RAW file format. The default file formats are image, archive, and audio. To recover more file types, you can add new file signatures.

Smart Data Preview: Once the Windows data recovery operation is successfully completed, you can see all the recovered data in a tree-structure mode. You need to select the files in the tree-structure which you want to save.

Auto File Search: If you want to save some specific file types, you need to search them in the tree-structure. You can use the Search feature that enables you to enter file names or types in the search box. Within a few seconds, the files will be searched in the tree-structure.

Storage Media Support: This Hard Data Recovery software supports all types of internal and external hard disk drives provided by brands like Seagate, Western Digital, Maxtor, Toshiba, Quantum, IBM, Fujitsu, etc.

Free Windows Data Recovery Software recovers all your deleted or corrupted data effectively and let you have a preview of that data.

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