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Fortran Subroutines in "Juliar"

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By: Rattar

November 13, 2016

pixabay ball-63527_640A huge part of the Juliar programming language is inspired by Fortran.Why Fortran? Because it was done right! It's one of the oldest languages used today.Fortran has subroutines. So does Juliar. Juliar has a different name for it. It's called a "block." In order to have a high-performance application, it's important that you use block whenever you need to. "Blocking" an application is equivalent to running a separate application to do calculations and returning a result.  You can return the result by using "deblock".So now you know that blocking creates a block (or a building block if you prefer) that runs apart from the application and can be joined with "deblock".NOTE: You can only "deblock" once!Sample:
*set   *block *add 3 2 * *  *
Get the result by:
*deblock *get **

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial and remember the importance of "blocking"For latest on the language visit https://www.juliar.orgThanks again!
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