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Forensics for Vigilantes

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By: catcopy

October 17, 2016

forensicsRule#1.Remains anonymous- A vigilante always logs into anonymous accounts.Rule#2.Know the law- A vigilante knows the law and knows how to identify crimes that she/he would like to pursue.Rule#3.Collect data and file reports- When you meet a perpetrator on-line, collect all evidence to incriminate the person enough to file a report.Rule#4.Don't get intimidated.- When you warn people about their behavior they get upset. Remind them about the injustice by pointing out what is morally wrong about their behavior. Don't provoke the subject. Remember, you are the sheriff in cyberspace.You are the one to tell law enforcement that you are a vigilante when people report your accounts. When you get banned from a chat or forum, you have already collected the data in your brain. You don't need files to accurately portray a criminal.Probably you have read about profiling and the law.Then you are indeed a vigilante.Those that exercise their own right, by carrying right, and they are indeed called Vigilante.--- casus ---You read a post on a forum, by a little kid crying, that they are constantly being bullied on-line, cursed at and verbally abused. There is something wrong here.--- casus ---Pedophile-hater you are, you go talk to the kid, if you can. Only one time, or as many as necessary to obtain the right information.If not...You still go to that public forum or chat/web-site.You look for the name of the person in question mentioned.  Also, you will keep a log from the session.Then confront them with what you know about them.Of course first, you have already sought out any relating connection to the key information.A lot of times, the people in question like to remain anonymous.You know they are really hated by the law when they are intelligent beings. In fact, you will keep asking them and don't take in account your own reputation. You are anonymous, and you never hand out data about yourself.You consider everybody equal, even suspects. So you will first anger them, by asking them about what crime they committed. Say you heard, or there is a rumor about the person in question (involving the allegation).Here's what you do:==============Take screen-shotsRecord all evidence.Handle it on your own, call in friends or other vigilantes when you post on line, raising awareness.-Use your own tracking knowledge, hack a suspect in the last resort, yet know how to pry loose information.Utilize 31337 h4x0rsDeliver all evidence gathered (in sometimes years) about a portrayed criminal subjectRecord the crimes committed by documenting all digital evidenceFiles have timestamps so you don't need to write everything down.You don't need to look at juvenile porn to become a suspect yourself.Usually, there are people that feed you these links.Don't trust any hyper link you get.You must know how to read where a URL is going.Save a copy to the link in a .txt file and include it with the rest of the evidence.Then what to do?If you're a vigilante, you are on your own.You need to decide what to do, and how to handle it ethically without punishing the subject.Just report the crime, and call in law enforcement.You will not be found because you remain anonymous. And you know when you are indeed anonymous. Because people will approach you and ask about your age (you can tell just not your birth-date). Ask you where you live, or what city. Ask you for your Skype, e-mail, and you don't give it.You forgot, ...Your name is probably 'maggy15'. And you are talking to Johnn the Ripper, and you know he is drunk so you keep flirting. Or this time, you are 'femme29' or <pick your own nick&gt, and then that moment comes where you want to be the moment.You get that email/Skype/real name/age/ip.You set up your own services in the cloud, or wherever you can lose data assets. Where you record the IP of the suspect. When you are basically through and worn out by all the aggression on line you receive. And don't participate. Although you can, yet, it will not make a pretty picture.Then leave for a vacation to some site.Maybe a day, maybe a month, maybe half a year, but the suspect could be gone.As long as the big mouth is still there, he will not leave, when he can pick on you.So Maggy.You become his "friend".As soon as you are his friend, you can leave. And they won't be bothered anymore with you.That's when you know they have broken. And have another look at life.As long as they are not your friend.They are enemies.And they should be documented and recorded.Studied.Scrutinized by Law.Signed:[catcopy]VIGILANTE  
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