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What You Should Know About Fluxion: A Tool for Hacking Wi-Fi Without Dictionary or Bruteforce

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By: bachan

October 17, 2016

netting-1-1531689-1600x1200Hello Guys,Today, I am going to introduce you to an awesome tool, Fluxion (not for windows) for hacking wi-fi passwords.But this is for education purpose only.Fluxion is based on the programs such as aircrack-ng, mdk3, hostapd etc. The tool uses MITM attack for capturing the wpa/wpa2 passwords. So just let the hunt begin.You can download or clone the tool from github or type the command in terminal git clone download is done, just go to the directory and run the script using command ./fluxion(If there are some dependencies which needed to be installed then first install them and then follow.)STEP - 1
  • You will have to choose your language.
STEP - 2
  • Choose the wireless card which you would like to put in the monitor mode and scan the network(air).
  • Select your target.
STEP - 4
  • Capture the handshake.
  • Then use the web interface method for fakeap to be created
STEP - 6
  • Then wait , when someone logged into your fakeap then the password is being compared with the captured handshake. If the password matches, then fluxion stops automatically and you can find the password in the directory.
I've created a video on the fluxion working here:
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