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Fetching a Website Using Juliar

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By: Rattar

November 9, 2016

pixa-google-76517_640Hey guys,For this tutorial, you will need latest version of *Juliar * which can be downloaded at using the *import * command is great, it lacks one feature: the ability to load a website.Now an old feature has been added back, you can now use *fetch * to fetch a URL.It's EasySo let's fetch google. In *Juliar * Console type the following:*save=google.html  *fetch *   *This will create a new file called google.html which you can open in a browser window and it will look exactly like google.Why This Is UsefulWhy is this useful? Here is one good reason why!Let's say you are building an Auto-Updater for your application in *Juliar *.You can use *fetch *  and then check the result and update if necessary, i.e. you can do:*set=version   *fetch *    **condition=*<           22    *get version*       *          *downloadnewversion * *Good luck and Enjoy!
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