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Extracting and Enumerating Information From a WordPress Website

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By: richardb8006

August 23, 2018

Don’t you just love it when a company has made their website in WordPress? Well, I do.Well the truth is, with WordPress, when you are running it on premise or on a hosting website, your website is a potential danger. Be very careful of what you state on your website and what kind of data you ‘collect’ that will be saved into the database. For example, do you have employees who need to record their working hours? That is fine…just don’t do that through a WordPress website, especially not on an unsecured site that uses https:// instead of https://!Today was one of those times when I like to do some exploring of tools, and I found a new one: WPScan. This tool is awesome! It probes a WordPress site, and there is tons of stuff you wanted to know, stuff you thought you needed to know, and stuff that is just handy to know. Let me show you what I mean. For this purpose, I fired up my webserver again and started WPScan on my Linux machine.Right here, it is starting a scan against my own webserver running WordPress. You can see a lot of information is already found. Look at the XML-RPC interface available line. This could be a potential exploit to gain control of the website.wpscan002You can actually see the theme that is installed and used. Yep, it is Woocommerce. Currently, there are no plugins installed. This is correct. A list of plugins is very handy; you can see if your target has a security plugin installed or not that can act like a web application firewall.wpscan003Finally, there is the cherry on top of the cake. The scan enumerated 3 usernames. This is 100% bingo and thus correct. All these 3 usernames have the administrator role on this website.wpscan004Conclusion: Pretty scary, huh?
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