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Ethical Hacking with Kali Linux – Part 1: Objective

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By: bjacharya

March 29, 2016

Ethical Hacking with Kali Linux – Part 1: Objective - CybraryEthical Hacking with Kali Linux – Part 1: Objective>> Welcome all, to this series of Kali Linux for Ethical Hacking. This is first part and we’ll be seeing some of the intentions of this series.Kali Linux is a special OS for Hacking and Penetration Testing Tools (for “White Hat” use).# It's used for:– Improving system security– Use in authorized environment only– For those who understand networking fundamentals # What you should expect from this series– Getting familiar with more than 100+ tools used for Ethical Hacking– Building an isolated Test Networks (Physical/Virtual)– Practicing in a “Sandbox” test network– Running Terminal Commands via Kali Linux, which is used for penetration testing # Initial recommendation– You must have a virtual environment ready with Kali Linux installed. (Confused? Watch some  YouTube videos - including my my tutorial: (Skip to ”Ethical Hacking in Nepali” Playlist, Part 4. . . Assuming that you have gone through above process. . .> > Updating Kali Linux Packages:# Help and Documentation

man <command><command><command> -h<command> -help<command> –help

 # Getting Current Advanced Package for Kali Linux (apt-get):Go to terminal of Kali Linux and run:

man apt-get (gives detail about apt-get)

apt-get -h (for help option of apt-get)

Now, we'll use the ‘update’ command (…assuming you have connectivity to internet…)


apt-get update

Done ?


apt-get upgrade

 . . . Depending on your net speed, it will upgrade all packages it retrieved. . . A quick note: This series is only for educational purpose. Practice this series in a lab, in a virtual/separate network and always avoid illegal activities. If you can, then support us to fight the bad guys.See the other posts in this series:Ethical Hacking with Kali Linux - Part 2: Finding Hidden SSIDSEthical Hacking with Kali Linux - Part 3: Bypassing Mac Address FilterEthical Hacking with Kali Linux - Part 4: Breaking WPA2 WirelessEthical Hacking with Kali Linux - Part 5: Rogue Wireless Access PointsEthical Hacking with Kali Linux – Part 6: Nmap (Network Mapper)
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