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Enroll for Cisco Security Certification And Learn How to Earn it

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By: Sushant Katoch

March 13, 2018

If you are in IT field, you might be familiar with the name Cisco, the leading networking company. The company has established its legacy as the most trusted name in manufacturing and selling networking hardware, technologies and telecommunication requirements.  Its products are changing our lives in numerous ways. The IT giant expands its service-areas by offering industry-specific certifications. Like its products, these certifications also hold utmost significance in the street of IT.What is Cisco Security Certification?IT world is both viable and vulnerable. Thus, employers rummage around to find such individuals which can make most out of the viable IT resources without compromising over the security of the operating system. A Cisco security certification brings into being such professionals. Cisco security certifications like CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate and CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional) are the names of few Cisco certifications that helps get a hold over the specialized security skills that are selling like hotcakes in the IT world. These Cisco certifications will help you to implement your skills to build advanced malware armor and next-generation network security appliances. A thorough Cisco security certification and training will help you to protect the operating system from the potential cyber attacks.Why’s and How’s of CCNA SecurityThere is no second opinion that our system is under the constant threat of cyber attacks. A Cisco security specialist is the one who protects out the operating system for these attacks. Employers want to hire such professionals as they assure for the system security. CCNA is a Cisco training course which will implant all the vital and imperative dexterity and proficiency to do prompt troubleshooting.The reason behind becoming a CCNA security certified professionals are copious.
  • You will never be out of sight- As we have already discussed how prone our system is, there is an ongoing need for professional to safeguard our system. Systems and CCNA professionals both exist like hands in gloves.
  • It is the first step to move ahead in your career- We all want to climb up on the career ladder. While we have a desire to reach the pinnacle, the very first steps hold more significance than anything else. Same goes for CCNA, as it the first step to climbing up the career ladder with a CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional) certification. CCNP is an advanced certification that comes with a CCNA as prerequisites. IT professionals who envision themselves in a better position in the future can’t move ahead with a CCNA certification.
  • Wide career scope- Cisco’s products are almost in every company an organization. A hands-on Cisco training over the original products will open up the door for profuse career opportunities. With a concrete foundation in core routing and switching skills, you are going to explore the world of opportunities.  One has to pay attention while choosing the Institute for CCNA training as not all the institutes provide hands-on training on Cisco products.
  • A better pay goes without saying- An auxiliary certification always comes with a marginal pay hike. But if it is CCNA then the hike is beyond elucidation. As per the Global Knowledge 2017 Salary Report, there is a huge salary difference of 13 to 30 % between certified and non-certified IT professionals.
How to Prepare for This Certification?To clear this certification, you should relay over a trusted Cisco training provider like Koenig Solutions. The institute is known to provide real-time experience over the genuine Cisco products. Plus, the worthy tutelage of eminent faculties will help you to understand the principles and concepts of the Cisco security certification.The IT industry is facing a huge deficiency of such proficient professionals that can guarantee them about the security of their system. There is a huge demand and supply gap which needs to be getting filled. A CCNA certification will make you stand in the line of those extraordinary professionals.
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