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Encrypted Hard Drive Data Recovery Techniques



April 8, 2018

By Purushottam Shrivastava

In order to protect email archives, payment databases and other important information many businesses and institutions use some type of encryptions, but using tools like EFS, BitLocker and Guardian Edge can greatly improve corporate security, but they can also create data access issues.

Disk encryption is a widely used method which protects certain information by converting it into unreadable code that cannot be deciphered or easily used by the unauthorized person. Apart from this, there are certainly other factors that may cause data loss.

Identifying the Causes of Data Loss

The loosing of data is the very common thing these days, but its reason depends on various things. In order to determine the level of damage, we need to know and check certain causes behind its loss., 

Some of the most common causes of data loss on encrypted media include:

    Physical Hard Drive Failure

    Data Corruption

    Bad Sectors

    RAID Rebuild Failure

    Encrypted Data is Not Accessible on New Machine

    Accidental Partition Deletion

    Accidental File Deletion

    Encrypted Partition Header Issues

    Accidental Overwrite

    Virus Damage

In today's world business data encryption has become a common method to protect valuable information and enhance the privacy of the company organization and personal details. While encryption adds an element of complexity to the data recovery process. Many time you might struggle to answer the questions like 

•    Whether all my data are gone forever?

•    Is there no way to unlock it and retrieve the data?

•    Has the hard drive become useless?

Then its answer is a Big NO You can still unlock it, you can still access your data, and lastly, you can still use your hard drive.

Recovering data from encrypted hard disk

Most hard drive data encryption method work by physically encrypting of the files written on the hard disk so that any files must be decrypted using a decryption key before they can read. Recovering data from a damaged drive that is encrypted is a two-step process:

First, the faults on the disk must be repaired and the encrypted data recovered. Second, the recovered data needs to be decrypted using the decryption key.

Hardware Encryption

For recovering data from encrypted hard drive needs a lot of expertise. However it is also considered to be a tedious task to check which part of the hard disk contains your data file and unfortunately, you have to pay handsomely for getting your data back.

Software Encryption

Encryption through software is believed to be simple and easiest that is generally opted by many users because it is less time consuming, cost-effective, and very easy to use. In this category, Aryson windows data recovery is one of the best and helpful HDD Recovery tool available in the market. The tool is equipped with lots of ultra-modern fractures which are helpful in recovering the encrypted information in a hassle freeway without making any alteration in the previous folder files.

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