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Enable Editing in Secured PDF Using PDF Unlocker Tool

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By: sherry098

June 1, 2018

What are you thinking about right now? How to remove PDF edit protection? No need to worry. Here, we will share the best solution to enable editing in a secured PDF document.To preserve data privacy and content integrity of a PDF document, people generally set a password for a PDF file to make it safe. With that, those people who actually do not know the correct password would not be able to open or make changes to the secured PDF file. Moreover, there are two types of PDF security: user-level security and owner-level security, which protect the PDF file from opening and performing modifications, respectively. If you do not remember a password, you will be locked out of a protected PDF file and would not be able to open it for reading. In this case, you will need to remove security permanently. Also, if there are some restrictions applied to PDF documents, then users are unable to make any modifications to the document. However, most of the time when users receive secured PDF files, they find difficulty in editing the files. Therefore, in this blog, we will discuss an effortless solution that will help to edit secured PDF documents without any obstacles.

Solution to Enable Editing in Secured PDF Files

As everyone knows, there are many solutions available to remove PDF edit protection. However, sometimes manual solutions are not guaranteed to provide better results. Thus, users can get help from a reliable third-party tool. One such application is SysTools PDF Unlocker Software, which helps to edit secured PDF documents in batches with business or enterprise licenses. Apart from the feature to enable editing in secured PDF documents, there are some other highlighted features of the software which are given below.

Other Advantageous Features of the Tool

Remove Security Restrictions From a PDF

This PDF file unlocker tool not only enables editing in secured PDF format, but it is also able to unlock PDF files for printing, copying, and extraction. Once the PDF file is unlocked, users can save it to a specific location. Also, with the help of a single file mode, a user can unlock one single PDF document at a time.

Unlock Password Protected Portable Files

This software can remove the owner-level password protection from a PDF file and can easily unlock portable file restrictions. When you apply any user-level password protection to a PDF file, you can easily unlock it by providing the password when prompted. After unlocking the PDF file, the resultant portable document file will not prompt you for a password to open it.

Unrestrict PDF Documents in Batches

If users have several PDF files all having a common PDF file password restriction or any restrictions, then the tool can delete PDF security for copying, printing, editing, and extracting data. For bulk operations, users should order a business or enterprise license for the software, as a single user license works in a single file mode only.

Preview All Permissions of PDF Files

As you browse and load any portable files, the PDF password remover application will directly list all the associated permissions. Users can view the current status of PDF document permissions in the ‘After’ and ‘Before’ columns, while the tool will remove PDF privacy from a specific file. Once the tool removes PDF edit protection, the permission status preview can change accordingly.

Make a New Folder to Save a PDF File 

In order to save the PDF files after unlocking them, this tool allows you to choose any desirable location. After completing the process to enable editing in a secured PDF, the software allows you to generate a new folder from the software pane itself and save that file per your convenience.

Remove PDF Comment  Protection

This PDF file unlocker program facilitates the removal of PDF comment security. After removing the comment protection from a PDF file, users can add comments in sticky notes or create highlighted text. Moreover, this tool also helps to remove signing restrictions in a PDF so that users can sign all PDF files easily. Usually, the signing makes PDF documents authentic and assures that the document or file comes from a verified source.

Remove Document Assembly Restriction

With this tool, users can also remove document assembly restrictions from PDF files. Once the protection has been removed, users can gather PDF documents without any trouble. Moreover, if users are unable to completely fill out a PDF form due to any restrictions, then they can use this program. This is because this software will remove the security and enable form filling in PDF documents.

Final Words

After considering the above scenario, we have suggested one best approach, which is the PDF unlocker tool to remove PDF edit protection. Along with this, all the highlighted features of this tool are mentioned above. With this program, users can enable editing in secured PDF document files in an efficient manner.
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