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My Educational Journey, advises and tricks to shift career from Police Officer to Cyber Security Specialist.

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By: Ahmed Abouzid

February 14, 2019

Hello everybody...Before reading my contribution here, I will explain in the beginning the following:
  1. why I am posting this!
  2. what you will find and might learn.
  3. Index of content. ( DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME )
because I know that your time is the most valuable thing you own in life... so if you can't find your interests in the indexes, then this post is not for you, LET'S START. 1) why I am posting this? >>> because I want to archive my journey and I want to learn from others experiences if they have found anything to add , I am all ears and a good reader for comments, also I am posting this to give some of my trick and advises that already helped me to learn new skills and knowledge while working 12 hours daily.2) what you will find and might learn? >>> now I have the ability to memorize a lot of things in a very short time, so I didn't spend a lot of hours studying using the old fashion methods, and I will recommend a book to read and if people are interested more about this topic I can share more techniques to memorize easier, and it is helpful for my work nature as a detective in police and for sure will help others, also you will learn how to memorize commands and vocabularies related to cyber security field with my recommended ways and apps according to my personal experiences, also you will learn from mistakes because I have found too late and wasted more than year searching for the good source to start from.3) Index of content: (easy to recognize it with the upper case bold headlines)
  • ABOUT ME "MY EDUCATION" (I recommend you to skip it)
  *ABOUT ME "MY EDUCATION" ,  WHY I AM SHIFTING TO CYBER WORLD (WHY CYBRARY)First let me introduce myself briefly,My name is Ahmed Abouzid, I am a police office (detective) working in ministry of interior of Egypt, I have got my bachelor in law and bachelor of police science from police academy "4 years of studying" from 2009-2013 , and graduated the 16th on my grade B+... After graduation I worked directly as a police officer starting from the rank of lieutenant and now I am a Captain (detective), while working I was studying in high law studies faculty in Ain Shams University one of the trending universities in Egypt specially in Law and I have got a diploma in Public law C+ 6th and master degree LLM in Private law C+ 20th, then I went to high studies faculty in police academy of Egypt and I have got my master degree in disasters and crisis management C+ 9th...but this wasn't why I am here, I am here because I faced a lot of tough cases while working as a police officer, specially cases related to extortionist ring (extortion on cyber world) and cases related to fraud or stealing things online... I felt weak or useless in these kind of cases because I have not idea how to deal with cyber crimes, how the culprit or criminal did that, how to stop him?In 2015, I started to read more about cyber crimes and made a good relations with people in this field, I searched online for days to find the proper resources to educate myself ,,, but my mistake that I was searching using the wrong language (Arabic language) , there are a very lack of good resources in Arabic, and a lot of English that make you confused specially the ones that required payments and you are afraid to not find what you want or what suitable for you... Then from months ago I have found , I did not believe what they wrote on the first time, that everything for free and will be for ever! something like that... I was enrolling in a lot of lessons to ensure that they will not ask for extra money hhh, then I realized that it is really free and categorized ! and I read know names with lessons available for free!!!Before reaching I studied a lot from YouTube, Udemy and other books... but honestly there are not comparison between them, cause cybrary would win with no effort.I have got CEH from ec-council in 2018 and I have got A+ 97.6% , but I think this score because I have memorized a lot without gaining the knowledge , so I will re study the materials again and the syllabus on cybrary showed my that you have to learn the basics first to gain the whole knowledge... and this is my advise for you ... don't rush it up ... start slowly to relax later... I am now a cybrary insider pro and I can't explain here how fantastic it is, because it need a separated post.  1) WHY I AM POSTING THIS:I believe that I have to help others to save their time and because I faced a lot of depression times searching for the right path.. so I won't let others sacrifice like me, and I think cybrary is the ideal place to contribute in, because they was my guide out of confusion.Also I really love to help others, this is my work nature hahaha, feel free to ask about anything if you have found anything here helpful for you.  2) MY ADVISES FOR NOVICES OR PEOPLE WITH ZERO IT BACKGROUND:If you have zero background in IT and reached Cybrary... then you are lucky because I have spent a year to reach here... but be aware of the following:you can learn how to make simple pentesting, scanning networking and more without knowing the basics of IT, but from my experiences in the last two years, you have to be patient and start from the basics... I was really ambitious and thought that I can learn anything directly without any background, but in middle of your journey you will stop and be disappointed like what happened with me when I finished my CEH IN EC- COUNCIL all the other students came from an IT background and they passed the test after the course directly or after a month of studying maximum, but I have spent around 4 to 5 months to re study the material and memorize a lot of things without understanding it because I have zero background in IT specially things related to networks,,, everything is related to everything in cyber world and there is nothing useless... the more you gain the stronger you'll be... and thank God I have passed the CEH with the highest score on all students (colleagues)... but I still did not get the whole knowledge and I could not continue to the next course like others because I felt exhausted... then I have took a step back and came here to gain the basics... so MY ADVISE NOW IS:
  • First, study how to type fast using these sites from my experiences ( / / this will help you in a lot of things specially in cyber world ... trust me + a good motivation for you specially when you get a serious skills in a very short period... I am now typing 65 words per minutes with all cases and symbols and numbers in only 3 months of studying using these sites... only 30 minutes everyday ... and I stopped studying because I think this is enough for typing in this period of time.
  • secondly, study the commands on CMD for windows and commands for terminal in Linux OS this is really fun and worthy.
  • Thirdly, you are nearly ready... now take the basic lessons like A+ , Network+ and Linux+ ...etc and read more about IT.
  • follow a good teacher on YouTube to simplify terms and IT for you... I advise you to follow and subscribe for this channel on YouTube (Sunny classroom) really the best and helpful,,, he will explain everything with animations... you will understand the toughest terms in networks easily with him... he is a professor of computer information systems at University of saint Mary in Kansas.
  • After that or maybe before if you can afford it, you have to subscribe in insider Pro... trust me.. I have searched a lot... and after subscription ... I think the professional mentors will guide you better than me.
 3) HOW TO LEARN AND MEMORIZE:As a police officer working 12 hours every single day, I have no time to study well... so I searched for techniques to be able to memorize fast and without using pen and papers to suite my work nature and mobility.fist, I advise you to read this book (MEGA MEMORY) for the author: Kevin Trudeau , I have learned from this book a lot.... and it was one of the reasons why I am always getting high marks in my high studies or even in CEH.second, to memories now vocabularies or commands I advise you to download an application on you smart phone called quizlet ... awesome application for making your own flash cards and quizzes or to search of other flash cards sets which already made by others and you will find a lot related to IT like (commands for linux and much more) ... also download mind map apps like (simplemind). both of these apps have a free version and paid one... and both of them are awesome without paying anything but I paid because I like to motivate the developer hahaha...These apps are recommended after a lot of trying for other apps...Also you have to study with break strategy (important)... for example study for 30 minutes and you have to stop for a break for 10 minutes for example... I can share mine later depending on my work nature.*If you have found this useful for you... let me know to publish more tricks... (study smarter not harder).4) CONTACTSIf you think that you have gained anything new from this post or learned anything helpful even 1%, leave a motivation comment or contact me for any help 5) WHAT I CAN PROVIDE AS  A CONTRIBUTION IN THE FUTURE:I can make posts for how to track GSM or mobile phones, how to pentest android platform using Metasploit, how to analyse call logs for a mobile using Excel, how to learn foreign language, where to find people interested in cyber security in Egypt and anything related to police field like recent cyber crimes I have faced and failed to solve hahaha... that is why I am here to learn :)Thank you for reading.. C. AHMED ABOUZID
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