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DyMerge: Dictionaries Merger

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By: bachan

November 7, 2016

dictionary-698538_1280Hello guys,Most of us have many dictionaries for cracking hashes or passphrases, such as "rockyou" and "cain."When we don't find a password in one dictionary we try another dictionary manually.I want to escape that extra work.I am going to tell you about an awesome tool: DyMerge. This is a tool written in python for merging two or more dictionaries into one dynamic dictionary.
  1. First, you need to install it from github. Use this command (in kali terminal): "git clone"
  2. Now move into the folder using the command: "cd dymerge"
  3. Then type the command "python -h" (for the help menu).
  4. Now let's finish, use this command for adding two or more dictionaries into one: "python dic1.txt dic2.txt dic3.txt -o bundle.txt"
I've created a video tutorial on it. You can check it out on youtube:
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