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Don't Get Scammed by An e-mail about A Parcel

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By: prezzio

October 5, 2016

During last few months you might have observed an  increase in phishing and scam attacks.

So… read the guidelines below and don’t get caught.

Be a little skeptical of the following:

  • Treat outlandish email offers as junk mail.  If they look too good to be true, then they probably are.
  • Unexpected emails are probably fake.  It is very rare that companies or institutions start to communicate electronically without prior notification
  • There is no free lunch – any outstanding offer is usually a scam.
  • Don’t react out of fear to emails requiring immediate attention. Use a published contact number to confirm the request over the phone instead.
  • You should always be extra careful when clicking email links and downloading documents or opening attachments. If you find an email suspicious, Googling the email subject or the content generally tells you if it is legitimate or a virus.
  • Treat junk like junk – get rid of it and forget about it! Move suspect emails from your inbox to the junk folder for further inspection by your IT support team

Recent email scam informs you that parcel was not delivered and is awaiting pick up. You are requested to print label and pick up a parcel in the office.

You are also threatened if the parcel is not received within 3 working days that the  courier company has the right to claim compensation from you.  It is holding the amount of some money for each day of storage.


The goal of the communication is to make you click on link. Your PC could be infected after opening the link.

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