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Domain Phishing

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By: jcaresse

February 9, 2019

Working as Domain Specialist for 4 years Phishing Websites, Infringement, Abuse, Domain Phishing and all website illegal activities are no longer new to me.  Every day we caught potential domain phishing registration in our system like, or, a domain name that is very close to and other potential companies that generate money online and hold customer's information like credit card details. Most of the domain registrations came from Europe and Asia but mostly from Europe to be specific Russia. Every time, we caught and terminate this type of domain registration is a successful day to us. In this way, we get to stop or combat potential Phishing Domain that is very hard to take down once they get live or online. One day in the Philippines, middle of June 2017 one of the leading bank was under attack by cyber criminals and all accounts were compromised and the system went crazy which caused misposts on client accounts. However, the bank denied the allegation and claimed it was a system glitch. But behind that one of the bank representative call the Domain Registrar to take down the phishing domain that is already online. Cyber criminals registered a different domain name that cannot be determined that the purpose of it is for cyber hacking the reason why it passed the verification process. Domain was registered somewhere in Philippines known as Pampanga under the name of Juan Dela Cruz. I know all this because I was able to monitor the issue and found out that the Phishing Domain Website was already online and perfectly duplicated the original website of the bank and mislead the customers by logging in through their online accounts and captured their details. It was more than 24 hours and the bank went offline. Hundreds of screen grab of their accounts were posted in social media showing the anomalies. The bank able to correct the error but is now facing a senate hearing. Now, everything is online, from paying bills, groceries, booking a tickets, shopping and even buying your meal can be processed online. The targets of Cyber criminals are increasing every day and most of them are very easy to penetrate because of weak security. The demand of IT Security Analyst who will combat the Cyber criminals will increase from 40 % in year 2022. I have been helping the community in my own ways by stopping the Phishing Domain Registrations as many as possible. It is the very first and necessary steps to combat the cyber criminals from doing Domain and Website Phishing that can harm everyone.
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