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How to Delete Linux and Fix Windows Boot System

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By: Suminder Singh

February 23, 2017

linuxHello, users!This is my first post on Cybrary, so please leave comments at the bottom letting me know how I did with this.I'm going to tell you how to fix your dual windows system if you want to delete your Linux OS and save your Windows OS. Let's get started! Nothing tough, just follow my steps and you'll do great.
  1. First, make a Windows bootable USB with the Window's OS.
  2. After creating this, plug it into the system that you want to fix, and boot Windows from the USB.
  3. After you see this screenwindows-7-install-begin.jpg
  4. Press Shit+F10. Then the command prompt will be open.
  5. Next, type these commandbootrec /fixmbrbootrec /fixbootbootrec-fixmbr-fixboot.png
 That's it! I hope I helped many of you with this. Again, please comment and share if you have any suggestions for me.
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