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DDOS: Infinite Pinging Yourself in *Juliar *

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By: Rattar

October 25, 2016

IntroductionIn this tutorial, I will show you how to create a super simple program to DDOS yourself. You heard that correctly, we are going to DDOS ourselves. This tutorial doesn't use any advanced methods and as such should only be used as a beginners tutorial. So let's create an infinite ping on a machine using Juliar. Who are we going to ping? ourselves! That's right we are going to create an Infinite Ping on ourselves.The Process
  • First things first, boot up *Juliar * (latest version can be found at
  • Let's set our x value to our loopback address i.e. localhost.
  • So in Juliar let's type
  • *set localhost *
  • Next we want to do an infinite ping on ourselves, so all we do is this:
 *loop=Infinity  *system ping *get ***Click enter! Congratulations, you just created an application to infinitely ping yourself :)Enjoy!
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