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Dark Network Guide!

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By: ajatshatru

September 22, 2017

TOR Browser / Tails OS
  1. Setup Virtual Machine, install Linux OS (fully updated and patched)
  2. Configure VPN software for hiding your location on your host OS (disable geolocation, clear all log, change your OS default language to some other country)
  3. Configure proxy switcher for your tor browser on VM (Linux)
  4. Start your TOR browser (Y)
  5. Follow all TOR instruction for anonymity
  6. Use only cryptocurrency (Monero / Dash / Bitcoin) money using ring signature / darksend / mixer (make sure your service provider are not maintaining any log) for many available things or services you want to buy on deep web
PS: Make sure your VPN and Proxy Switcher service provider is not maintaining any logs. Do not even buy this software from your credit or debit card or online bank transaction ;) Also make sure that while buying this software you hide your real identity. Do not leave any kind of log so that no one can trace it back to you. Do not install any kind of extension/add-on/flash or anything on your TOR browser, do not download anything from the TOR browser until it's necessary. If you download it, do not open it while you have an active network connection. Also, avoid using torrent or any other services running in the background on your host OS, and put tape on your camera/microphone :)Now you're ready for some crazy s**t!For more info watch the “Silk Road” Documentary :)For setting up Deep Web server / secure hosting in Cyber Bunker (with *.onion Domain ) or any other things, you can ask me for help :) [ONLY FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES]I'm NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY KIND OF UNETHICAL ACTS performed by others.
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