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How Cybrary Helped Renew My Love For Cyber Security, And Helped To Solidify My Career Goals.

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By: Hunterkl5

February 28, 2019

Back in November of 2017, I graduated from University with a 2:1 in Computer and Information Security. I was looking forward to the prospects of a career in an interesting and continually changing field. However, this was not to be, after discovering that a lot of Graduate opportunities within the UK's industry that I was applying to were highly oversubscribed, and with very little in the way of entry-level positions that didn't request 2-5 years of experience in a role that required the same. In effect, I became despondent and took a massive hit to my morale. I had looked for courses and certifications to help further my CV, but having come from a family without much income and living in an area which is one of the poorest areas in Great Britain, opportunities for any form of work to tie me over were scarce.This meant I had to end up signing on for Universal Credit, with the local Jobcentre, something I never expected to have to do nor ever wanted to do and still regret ever doing. I was hoping they could have provided me with some guidance for potential employers or even funders for certifications that would help boost my CV and employability. But no, they would only provide funding for courses that they run.That's when I came across Cybrary. I saw that they offered free courses and micro-certifications in different subject matters relating to Cybersecurity. At this point in time, I was very interested in the technical side of the industry, as my degree had been more focussed on that side of things.I saw courses on subject matters which I hadn't previously covered and also discovered new things about subjects I had learnt about in Uni. It was the perfect resource to keep my knowledge and skills up to date, and also was a great subject to bring up when talking to prospective employers.It wasn't until last November that I received an opportunity, albeit a volunteer-based opportunity, with a local charity, who focus on providing courses in IT, Maths and English, to people who have either very little in the way of qualifications, or who were like me at the time, out of work and education. They asked if it would be possible for myself to create and teach a couple of Cybersecurity courses, at a basic level for them, and maybe try and inspire some of their attendee's to continue into a Cybersecurity career.I agreed to this proposition, as I have former experience during my degree, of carrying out a Cybersecurity awareness presentation at a local library, as part of a group project.So I began creating these courses. Then they asked, whether I would be able to create courses on subject matters such as GDPR, ISO 27001, PCI/DSS and other aspects such as risk management. These were areas I had only briefly covered during my degree, so I was a bit unsure about going ahead with it. I then discovered that Cybrary had courses focussed on these areas and started learning.And that is when the penny dropped, I had found an area of Cybersecurity which I was much more comfortable with. I decided that I enjoyed learning about the different methods of information security, such as controls and legislation more than the technical side of things (although, I still have a place in my heart for penetration testing).But then another set back happened recently, the charity had to close due to funding issues, so my opportunity to present the courses I had written fell through.  At the same time, the Jobcentre forced me into a course in preparation for a call centre job, as I had been with them for 6 months.However, I discovered they hadn't told me a lot of information when I had signed up, such as there being a course and funding scheme for claimants to set up their own startup businesses known as the NEA scheme. I told my work coach that this scheme would allow me to use my skills by creating a Cyber-security startup and making my own opportunity. They agreed that it would be the best way for myself to proceed as they don't get many IT based jobs let alone Cybersecurity ones coming through their channels.So with thanks to Cybrary for re-igniting my interest in Cybersecurity by providing interesting and excellently presented courses, which have helped me find my niche in the industry, I' am now in the process of creating a start-up company and creating my own opportunities and potentially in the future, opportunities for others who are dead set on a career in Cybersecurity.
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