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Cybersecurity Hacks That Should Have Taught Us a Lesson

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By: Batwoman

March 4, 2016

Cybersecurity Hacks That Should Have Taught Us a Lesson - Cybrary

Observing and taking note of a cybercrime method doesn't always equate to taking proactive actions against it. While this might sound like companies and organizations simply aren’t paying attention, it has more to do with their belief that their existing protection against cybercrime is enough to avoid a breach.

There are some attacks that stand out and even with high level alerts, seem to remain on the ‘inactive list’ for attracting additional security measures.

Car hacking has been stepped up to the point that it's now being taken more seriously. From police cruisers to Jeep Cherokees, researchers have shown that there are a variety of methods to take over or control vehicles. Chrysler made a recall decision to address the problems and Intel took their own steps to create a ‘Car Security Review Board.’

Apple remained a trusted organization for all of their devices, until recently. While they still retain an excellent record as compared to Android or other devices, XCodeGhost Trojan snuck into the official App Store. It demonstrated there are ways and methods to supersede the gatekeepers.

Trend Micro reported that one quarter of the data breaches occur within the healthcare industry. There are many reasons for this particular vertical to fall prey to cyberattacks. Possibly, the major one is companies/organizations in this industry often have to share on multiple platforms. Each access point is a method of vulnerability. It only takes the one out of security compliance to be the next possible victime of a cyberattack.

Backup, backup, backup. Companies are now being encouraged to maintain at least three separate backups that are varied in timing. Ransomware is not only growing, but has become much more sophisticated recently. The cybercriminals have gone to the extent of designing their approach from a business model standard. There's no expectation that ransomware will go away and the only protection is in maintaining multiple backups.

Remaining alert to potential breaches from inside sources is another repeated topic. While companies prefer the path of trusting their employees, they need to remain attentive to the potential of cybercrime through monitoring and reviews. This priority cannot be overstated. Many of breaches often occur inside the company environment.

“Reinforcement of the key elements of cybersecurity should be a main focus of any organization. As professionals in the industry, we maintain the knowledge base for the various areas that are vulnerable to a cyberattack and work closely with clients to educate, update and advise so that they can take steps against a breach.”


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