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Cyber Reality Crime Alert: Newly Identified Virus (NIV) Prevention

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By: gangsters

May 29, 2017


According to reliable sources and research, and relevant case studies, it is ensured that there is a new virus that has appeared in cyberspace. It's a newly identified virus (NIV).

It enters into a device through an internet connection with any type of contents and data. But normally, NIV doesn't harm the devices or systems themselves, but it secretly enters and stays in the device and produces frequencies to thrust soundless waves to the ear then the shock reaches the brain side through the earphone/headphone tools and accessories.

NIV attack normally doesn't harm electronic device connected to the internet, but through its assault, the device user. But it can injure and damage a person physically and psychologically.

The Newly Identified Virus (NIV) is very dangerous for cyberspace and in reality (how it affects people). Because it directly attacks the human brain and nervous system.

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