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Cyber Dust is the Messaging App to Have for Mobile Security

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By: Brandyn

August 25, 2016

Cyber Dust is the Messaging App to Have for Mobile Security - CybraryCyber Dust (the current app name, which is soon to be just 'Dust') is truly 100% secure. Mobile messages are sent from your device to your associates device. Once it's read it disappears completely.According to one source: "Cyber Dust is simply a more natural way to communicate without leaving a trail of everything you say. Messages and media disappear within seconds, never hit a hard drive and cannot be recovered. Cyber Dust keeps you in control of your content."The messages are not stored on the devices and DO NOT get stored on Cyber Dust or any other servers.This App is backed my Mark Cuban, who's said, “I don’t want one of my texts taking on a life of its own and I find myself in a lawsuit because someone forwards or posts one of my texts. I wanted to have a means of communication that is analogous to face to face—where you can speak openly and honestly. That is why we created Cyber Dust.”It can be found by searching for#Cyberdust. I use it & in my opinion, it's great.  So... if you want to have Mobile Security with your messaging, I suggest Cyber Dust.@Brandyn
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