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Cryptography: Hiding Any File in Any Other File Without Losing Data

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By: Babak Esmaeili

August 22, 2016

Cryptography: Hiding Any File in Any Other File Without Losing Data - CybraryThere are many ways of hiding data in cyber security, but one of the simplest and safest way is to use our: Hex editor, Notepad++ and a unique palmy key. Tools Needed:
  1. HXD hex editor
  2. Notepad++
  3. A unique key --> for instance, mine is : 3434k (it's totally desirable and can be anything you want)
 How To:First, install HXD Hex editor. We want to hide our PDF in our mp4 file and we don't want our mp4 file to be corrupted. Also, we want to restore our PDF whenever we want.The idea behind this action is to add our PDF raw data at the end of our mp4 raw data. For this, right click on the mp4 file and select Open with HXD or run HXD and open the mp4 file.Now, press Ctrl + END key or scroll down to the end of the file. Then, open Notepad++ and write down your unique key. Mine is 3434k. Copy it and go back to HXD. Click just after the last hexadecimal data (it can be different in other file types). Then, right click at the end and click on Paste Insert or simply press CTRL + V. We added our unique key at the last part of our file.Open your PDF in the HXD (hex editor) and select all (Ctrl+A) the data. Then, go back to your opened mp4 in HXD and add this data just after your unique key, as before. If your hex editor warned you, just click OK.Perform a 'Save As' for your mp4 with a new mp4 file name.That's it. You can play it just like before. The only difference is the size of your new mp4 file.Whenever you want, you can restore your data. Just open your modified mp4 file in HXD and search for your unique key. Then copy all data after your unique key to a new PDF file, for instance.
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