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Creating a post with Juliar

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By: Rattar

April 27, 2017

Hello Cybrarians,Today we will be creating a program that stores name into a variable and prints it out!We will be using the new built-in editor for Juliar! You can download the latest version of Juliar from here: First, you want to double-click the jar file to run. An editor should then pop up!Go to File -> NewThis will create a new tab. Feel free to save it, although it is not necessary!Next, we'll start by creating our main function:
function main() = {}
To make sure it works, let's put in a print statement "Hello "So, our function should look like:function main() ={print("Hello ");}Then, go to Run -> Run Interpreter  (When writing this article [4/27/2017], compiler is not working yet)Now it should print out Hello.Now, let's store some friends into a string. For example, I've stored "Bl4ackOr4cle" into a string x.So, x is a reference to "Bl4ckOr4cle". Imagine x is being replaced by that word. Got it? Okay, moving on. Now let's print using printLine.
This will get the x reference which points to Bl4ckOr4cle and print it below!You might be wondering the difference between print() and printLine().The only difference is printLine() prints on a new line, while print() prints on a current line.Simple :)JuliarFutureHope you enjoyed the tutorial!
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