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Create Simple Terminal Scripts with Juliar.Future sysExec

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By: Rattar

July 4, 2017

Hello all,I haven't posted an Op3n in a while. I've been very busy. In this tutorial, we will learn the power of a new Juliar command: "sysExec()"sysExec() allows you to execute Command Prompt and Terminal commands right inside of Juliar. You might be thinking why would you want to use Juliar to create scripts that you can just create in bash?Simple: Organization and Juliar Features.Juliar allows you to create complex scripts place them into different files and create a Juliar lib. Since sysExec returns the output back to Juliar, you have access to chain different commands and use Juliar commands such as convenient loops, variable declaration, etc...How do you use the Juliar sysExec() command?Simple - See below:
function main() = {      string output = sysExec('dir');      printLine(output);}
Please note that sysExec is OS independent. So, sysExec() should output the listing of directories on any OS.NOTE: New versions of Juliar will attempt to use PowerShell instead of Terminal in order to have access to similar bash commands. This will allow you to write all commands "bash" style.
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