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Create your first interactive program in *Juliar *

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By: Rattar

September 20, 2016

juliar-logo-pic-3Today, we will create our first interactive program in *Juliar *.First we will need latest version of *Juliar *We can get this by going to and downloading the Linux or Windows version.Open notepad or your favorite text-editor program and copy and paste the following: 
How old are you?*ask x* *condition=*>= 18 *get x**You are too old.**condition=*< 18 *get x**You are just the right age.*
 Save the file as output.txt and place it in the same folder as where you downloaded Juliar/Juliar.exe.Double click on Juliar.exe  or if on Linux, open Juliar (make sure to set execution flag on) and type the following:
 *save=output.txt *import test.txt **
 Go through the prompt and answer the questions.Once you've done that, all your responses should be saved into output.txt.Open that file and verify response :)Good luck and have fun with this new programming language!The language is still in the early stages of release; however, it is meant to be super high in performance.If you have suggestions, let me know! It's always great to hear feedback.Thanks!For the latest information and updates on Juliar, please visit
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