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The Ethical Hacker's Guide to Cracking WiFi (WPS)

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By: Kevin Mark

July 23, 2015

Learn from this Concise Guide to Cracking WiFi [WPS] - Cybrary

Hello and welcome to this little tutorial!

We're going to use Reaver and Wash. For those of you who don't what Reaver and Wash are, Google them. In short, Reaver tries different pins until it catches the right one. It TAKES HOURS TO CRACK A PIN, so be patient.
You can use OS X, Kali package or whatever. If we are on Kali, type following:
Airmon-ng start interface> mon0
For the scan, we're using Wash to check for WPS. If it's locked, we have a little problem, since we're trying the pins and we'll be blocked. It will have us wait 60 sec, 120sec and so on. Not good.I interface on Wash and a list of different targets should appear. Of course, do this only on your own network or if you're pentesting.
Now, for the cracking part: we've found our target and we copy the BSSID.
Type: Reaver -i mon0/interface -b BSSID -vv or you can check the help sections for more - I will autodetect best methods for this target.
A little trick if the WPS is locked:  Since there's already a video explaining this trick, I'll give you the link to turn the WPS Lock from locked to off > YES > NO.Link:'s a list of commands used:
  • Airmon-ng start wlan0 > puts wlan0 on monitor mode
  • Wash -i mon0/interface > scans the network for WiFi protections WPS (WiFi protection setup)
  • Reaver -i mon0/interface -b bssid=00:90:4C:C1:AC:21 -vv
There are other ways to crack a network. The most used methods are Aircrack, WiFiphisher, WiFipin and so on.
WiFii cracking is what people ask for mainly, besides hacking Facebook and stuff like that.I hope this concise approach is useful to all the new people. Please try this method on your own property or when you're pentesting. To the new guys, stay away from any sort of illegal stuff like trying to break into others' computers, Facebook and other places without permission.By the way, I'm Danish and don't use English all the time.Cheers all!
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