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Convert OLM to PST Essentiality by Using Mac OLM Converter

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By: rollinsduke

February 17, 2018

Convert OLM to PST format easily after that you can easily import OLM files to Outlook (Windows) with the help of all on one OLM converter which is fully loaded with advanced features.

Outlook has consistently been ideal and default desktop mailing application for most of the users regardless of the purpose they are using it for; whether professional or personal. Services from the Microsoft have always been outstanding including Office Outlook client. In order to come out of the box and be the choice of the wider set of user base; Microsoft launched Microsoft Office package 2011 particularly for Mac OS users. Shifting from Windows platform was a huge transition from Microsoft, which even turned out successful as well. Other than all the Office suite applications, Outlook 2011 for Mac has been a consistent success till present. This was all about Outlook; while rest of the segment will be discussing both the clients; Windows and Mac-based respectively, the conflict between them and the unpredicted requirement of an OLM converter to convert OLM to PST format in the scene.

Why Convert OLM to PST – Reasons

In order to be updated with developing technology, we tend to switch from lower to higher versions of any application. Here the scenario is opposite as demand from users already been working on Outlook 2011 for Mac is being discussed regarding switching to a lower version of the same.

This is mostly done due to two basic reasons:

  • Either Outlook for Mac lacks what you need from it
  • On the other hand, the situational need is unavoidable.

Possibilities of Carrying Out the Switch

There is a possibility of transferring Outlook for Mac data into Windows platform only if the OLM mailbox is available on Microsoft Exchange Server database.

Yes, synchronization of Outlook for Mac with the Exchange Server is what creates the chance of having that data extracted as PST to be accessed over Windows-based Outlook.

Exchange Fact: Exchange Server is a centralized storage hub for the data created or shared by the connected email client whether it is Windows-based Outlook or Outlook for Mac. Hence, the data is not created in their respective file formats but rather in EDB format.

Hurdles in The Way: There are certain criterions that will have to be endured when adopting Exchange Server as the mediator for converting data from Mac Outlook to Windows as an alternative to third-party OLM converter to PST Outlook solutions.

  1. Firstly, you are supposed to set a number of parameters for all the actions that you will be executing.
  2. Secondly, you will only be permitted to put up one request at a time for every PST data file i.e. only one mailbox at a time.

Parameters for OLM to PST Converter via Exchange

The problem commonly faced while setting parameters is that; from the start of data transfer to, each action-taking place in the middle of the process, and until the end of data export you will have to assign a parameter for everyone.

Rise of the Requirement of Third Party Solutions

However, Exchange Management Shell cmdlets are used in the process of synchronizing Outlook 2011 with Exchange Server; issues have been evident regarding a successful synchronization.

If you are not even able to establish a connection with Exchange Server successful then, how will rest of this procedure be carried out?

Instead of following a long way procedure like this, it is recommended that a third party application be used. External solutions are capable of converting OLM to PST without taking mediators or leading to compatibility issues, come with the guarantee of rendering a successful solution, and do not demand efforts to be put in from the end user.

OLM Converter is amongst such software for OLM to PST conversion solution that holds the potential of transferring data successfully from OLM format to Windows-based Outlook mailbox. The software is completely safe as well as secure to utilize. The Metadata of your OLM mail messages are kept intact throughout the process so that you receive the data in its original form with its original details and attachments.

OLM Converter Converter for a Productively Successful Outcome

The application is the fine utility for converting Mac-based client data to Windows-based mail file formats (convert OLM to PST). Changing over from Outlook for Mac platform to a Windows-based mail client is possible with the help of this application via:

  • No external application is required to execute the data migration process.
  • Operable on all Windows and Outlook versions easily.
  • Migrates multiple OLM files at once to PST file format
  • Creates Unicode PST file after migration
  • Simple, easy, and interactive user interface

Try it Now!

This OLM converter utility comes with a free installer OLM to PST for demonstrating its working. This is done free via freeware trial edition, which permits conversion of 25 OLM file items to PST file format successfully. If you want to move more data then, purchase the licensed edition of the tool from the official website.
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