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How College Grads Learn New Skills & Gain Experience

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August 28, 2017

How Gig Economy Helps College Grads Learn New Skills & Gain Experience

The career world has rapidly changed and these days, long-term careers and people working in just one job are slowly but steadily becoming a thing of the past. In fact, according to research, in the year 2015, between three people, one person in Australia was doing some sort of freelance or contract work. There are many reasons that are attributed to the growth of the gig economy. First of all, there has been an emergence of technologies that cannot be ignored and that have played a tremendous role in connecting businesses with freelancers.

On a lighter note, Zipcar's founder, Robin Chase, said that his father worked in one job, then Robin worked six jobs himself and now, he foresees his children working six jobs at once. Many people have been very pessimistic when it comes to matters related to the advantages accompanying the gig economy.

However, with the ever-growing demand for freelance professionals, the trend is most likely to soar. One thing for sure is the fact that the professional or rather, the career world is changing and has necessitated the need for more platforms where an exchange of money and services is possible. Truth be told, the gig economy has provided numerous opportunities for college grads.

Impact on Education and Careers Sectors

Although the jobs it offers are not official or blue collar per se, it has opened up opportunities that cannot be ignored by young people. First of all, the economy is providing two-way traffic in matters of education and employment. This is exhibited in the scenario where college graduates are offered a chance to showcase their skills while simultaneously earning a few dollars from it. This is a positive contribution to the education sector and the workforce as well.

In fact, many institutions (especially those that have online portals for students) have for a very long time been employing tutors on a freelance basis. In fact, when looking at the current case scenario, there is an increased demand concerning contract jobs in the education sector. If statistics are anything to go by, contract jobs in the education and training sector have skyrocketed because there is also an increased flow in the number of graduates.

Freelance careers are a good source of income and for that particular reason, a good contribution to the growth of the global economy. There is not a single doubt that the platforms that support freelancing careers have a huge impact when matters related to offering the students a chance to showcase their talent and helping others while at it are concerned.

The same platforms have also enabled professors with an opportunity to offer their experience to students online and earn money. In fact, whoever coined the phrase that the internet is a global village was right because when one offers services on a freelancing site, they are assured of a global market (within reason since it depends on the popularity of the site itself), and especially if their delivery is top notch.

The rise in the emergence of freelancing platforms will see to it that many students get a chance to earn real money at their comfort and independence and sharpen their skills. When a student goes to college, they are filled with the hope to get into a well-paying career by utilizing the skills learnt.

Among the most pursued careers today Telecommunication Engineering has a rapid growth and advancement in past years. Many Engineering college graduates has started their careers as a freelance in telecom, there are many resources where you can start your freelance career such as which is a Global On-Demand marketplace which connects businesses and freelance engineers in telecom industry.

Freelance careers have been amplified by the improved platforms that make it absolutely possible for anyone from any part of the world to either provide or get quality services delivered at their convenience. The same has also improved significantly on the number of online payment processors which makes it an employment provider for those who work in the companies.

All said and done; the trend is expected to continue because more and more people from around the world are expected to get involved in using the internet to outsource services or better still, to offer professional help.
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