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Coinhive: A JavaScript Cryptocurrency Miner

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By: atom2018

February 20, 2018

As the title says,

Coinhive is a JavaScript Cryptocurrency miner for Monero Blockchain. This piece of script, provided by the Coinhive website, offers a another source of income for any website administrator. Any website admin can sign up for Coinhive and can embed the JavaScript miner to their websites. When any user visits the website, embedded with the Coinhive script, that JavaScript will start to run the miner directly into their browser, mining for cryptocurrency anonymously in the background using CPU's power.

This tool was designed as an alternative revenue-gathering method for website admin, who are looking to get rid of unwanted ads, taking all the space in their webite. Even though, this tool help to mine Monero (cryptocurrency), which is less valuable than BitCoins, but still, its in the top 10 cryptocurrency in the world.

Coinhive itself is a completely legitimate company, but this service can be abused by hacker in order to earn a quick money. The hackers can inject the JavaScript miner into any webpages of unsuspecting coffee shop goer or any public wifi user, as they browse the internet. Any hacker with a good knowledge of wireless attacks, can use Man-in-the-middle in any Public Hostspots, to inject this script to the users.


The best way to avoid running malicious JavaScript code in your browser is to disable JavaScript entirely. Only enable and use JavaScript when it's absolutely necessary. NoScript is often recommended by security professionals and is currently the most convenient way of quickly enabling JavaScript on an as-needed basis.

It may not be very lucrative when used on small websites, but imagine a Coinhive miner on every Facebook and Google page? It could happen.

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