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CIA Triad: Easy as ABC

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By: infosectdk

October 13, 2016

privacy-policyDoes everyone know what CIA means?Well I hope you do.There are lots of acronyms, and often they have different meanings in different settings.WTF can mean Web Threat Framework, from a data management view it can also mean “Where’s the file?” and of course there is that other meaning, which I don’t need to elaborate on.But one I came across a while ago, that I use as a sanity check – usually when someone comes to my desk as the harbinger of bad news is the ABC rule.ABC? What’s that?This was something I read in a book written by someone in the London Metropolitan Police, I expect it is an operational term.  I have yet to speak to someone in UK law enforcement to confirm, but either way, it is useful to employ in an IT Security environment, and well...... I kind of like it.I have this printed on my desk.The ABC RuleAccept NothingBelieve NothingChallenge EVERYTHINGWhen someone runs up to the police with a problem, they don't immediately run off and take action.  In fact they assess the situation. Certainly if the person speaking to them is worse for drinking, they will certainly take what they say with  a grain of salt.So if someone comes to your desk with a “problem”, listen to what they say, and remind yourself of ABC.A. Is what they are telling you an actual problem?B. Is what they are telling you actually true?What do we learn in security – is this trusted, where is the proof – C. give me proof?Be mindful of A and B and skip to C and challenge them to give you proof.Believe me you will save so much time not being reactionary to knee jerk situations. I have lost count of the number of times and the time wasted looking into things that were actually mis-information.
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