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CIA Triad [Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability]

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By: nirmalrijal

March 8, 2017

Confidentiality means protecting sensitive information from disclosure to unauthorized parties which refer to providing the information to right user and protect from wrong user or hacker.
Integrity means the information is precise and solid and has not been quietly changed or messed with by an unknown or unapproved party. 
Availability means provide all the sensitive information to the authorized user. The idea of availability means that our information is always going to be something we can access. If we need to get a report from a server, it should always be there. Through redundancy, we can provide availability. 
Other Security Issues
It is the way in which credentials provided are compared to that of files that are stored in the database server. If the credentials match then the users are able to access the database. Authenticity provides security by using several encryption methods such as Passwords, Pin-codes, and Biometrics & Digital Signatures.
It includes the capacity to ensure that a user to an agreement or a correspondence can’t deny the authenticity of their signature on a report or the sending of a message that they began.
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