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CASB Benefits in the Digital World in 2018

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By: Ugra Narayan Pandey

July 31, 2018

A security gateway is established between an organizational infrastructure and a cloud service provider. The name of this gateway is the cloud access security broker or CASB. Enterprises adopt CASB benefits to expand their policies of IT governance and comply with regulations to third-party storage and applications. There is a need for CASB cloud services if you have the following serious concerns or responsibilities:

  • External as well as internal security threats
  • Monitoring usage and user behavior
  • Auditing or logging historical information

In this blog, you will read more about the benefits of CASB solutions in an enterprise world.

Gain the Most From Your CASB Approach

Several companies adopted and implemented cloud access security brokers to help themselves in their efforts of harnessing shadow IT. CASB services prove themselves helpful in this aspect because most of them do an exemplary job of demonstrating all programs in use. Not only that, but there are more major benefits that a firm should know about CASB.

1. Different Services Consolidation: The adoption and procurement ease of cloud-based applications attracts enterprises and employees to work with cloud computing. In a firm, a group of people definitely works with cloud resources, and each of them is unaware of each other’s activities. There could be several service contracts, higher costs, and redundant services at a macro level. Well, it is possible to collect inside information from applications in use by adopting CASB.

Suppose there is a company in which numerous file-sharing platforms are used. Data visibility over the use of each platform will help the firm’s authorities to standardize on an individual measure. This helps in addressing business requirements in a broad manner. After making the final decision over required standards, extra security, either automated or manual solutions, can be implemented for simplifying and encouraging the work on the cloud environment.

2. Reducing the Operational Costs: After evaluating the service, regulatory compliance can also be determined either in website license form or a lower price per account. This can only be gained by investing in the IT department’s strength. Further additions can be made in governance rules under the supervision of the IT department, simplifying deployment and addition in governance controls. Provisioning in the nick of time could help clients in building up their work faster. At the checking time, all the capabilities of the auxiliary governance maintain subscription numbers. All this reduces misuse of applications, which might prevent enterprises from being at high risk.

Similarly, the IT professionals help in negotiating prices for the enterprise’s worldwide use; the reverse is also true. The benefit of CASB that monitors the application use and activity could determine the oversubscribed software. In these types of situations, enterprises combine with service providers to reduce license numbers and related pricing amounts.

3. Advertise Business in the Air: This last major CASB benefit helps IT in understanding business demands. Traditional promotional platforms are of no use until and unless the public crowd does not appreciate it. Nowadays, it is trendy to exhibit digital advertisements on social networking sites to catch the attention of global users.

Here, the role of CASB is to protect business confidential data when simultaneous publicity is made for the same firm. Hackers might find some clues from advertisements to attack the enterprise. So, in such case, companies need to be safe from such threats and if in case they occur, then they should address those threats in no time.

Worldwide IT crowds know the actual value of a service, which monitors and ensures security for third-party access providers. This creates an opportunity for the firm authorities to discover, prevent, and respond to web threats. The most crucial benefit of CASB comes into notice when it encounters an internal threat. It is so because internal employees have direct access to business data, and who knows what’s on their mind? Well, whenever suspicious activity is performed by the internal attacker, CASB intelligence service sends an instant alert to the administrator. Now, it is in the hands of the admin, who decides whether to take any action on that suspicious activity or not.

CloudCodes: Get Connected With One of the Best CASB Providers

If you are spending time searching for reliable CASB service providers, then you must know that there are several options to choose from. But it can get pretty stressful when it comes down to choosing the best one. All providers have different measures to deal with cloud information security and give 100% in delivering the best. One such CASB cloud provider is CloudCodes! This firm learns about the client’s company mission and vision, and then it looks for IT security solutions. They provide up-to-date automated measures to protect enterprise information on the cloud. DLP solutions, access controls solutions, Shadow IT security solutions, single sign-on, etc., are leveraged with this service provider. CloudCodes makes complete and deep use of CASB benefits to safeguard the vital information of the company with the aim of protecting the client’s business reputation.

Well, at the end of the day, it is completely your choice. Just keep one thing in mind: do not leave a single security gap because if one exists, then in no time, your reputation will be at risk.

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