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Brain Token: A Multi-factor Authentication Enhancement

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By: Ridiahshost

December 2, 2016

universe-1351865_1280A solution for the possibility that a targeted password manager or vault may be compromised. This also serves as a multi-factor authentication method which is not stored in any electronic device. Multi-factor authentication is a means of authenticating with more than one form; combining factors of authentication greatly reduces the chance of a failure in the authentication process. The three forms of authentication are as follows: what you are, what you have, what you know.
  1. What you are: Normally some sort of biometric analysis such as a retinal scan, fingerprint identification, or even blood.
  2. What you have: Something physical like a key or RFID badge/access card.
  3. What you know: Passwords, pin numbers, pass-phrases, security questions etc., or something else that only you would know.
I have implemented this measure for myself because I feel that a password manager helps me by providing unique and complex username/password combinations for each site for which I have created an account.If someone were to gain access to my password vault, they would find themselves unable to use the information effectively because after the manager auto-completes the authentication fields, I then have to provide an 8-character addendum which I created and memorized, but which must be added to any site I access using the manager.This is no more complicated than what most users do anyway, which is to use a single password of about that length across all sites, making them extraordinarily insecure.  I hope that you will feel free to use and share this idea. 
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