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Book Recommendations for Becoming a Computer Hacker in a Short Time

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August 9, 2016

Book Recommendations for Becoming a Computer Hacker in a Short Time - CybraryFirst of all, what’s hacking?In my own terms, I say:
Hacking is an act manipulating things. Like making things do what you want and not what they were intended to do. That’s a simple term. And, the only way to learn how to hack is to first of all study and have good understanding of what you want to hack/manipulate.
 When it comes to Computer Hacking, you must study some basic principles of how a computer works. It’s only when you know how a computer works, that you'll be able to manipulate them and make them do things that weren’t intended. Wow! That makes you an hacker. What next? Go get some good books about computer hacking read about the kinds of Computer Hacks and Manipulations that are out there. Make sure you gain full understanding of the possibilities of what you can do as an hacker. One of the books I found really interesting, which actually builds your mind and skills as a Novice who's trying to become a Professional Hacker, is:

“Penetration Testing By Georgia Weidman”


This book gives you the basic skills you need to be a success computer hacker.

Another recommendation is:

“The Hacker Playbook by Peter Kim”

hackersplaybookWhy I love this book so much is once you've learned the Basics of Computer hacking, it makes your life much more easier as an hacker. It’s more or less like a manual that should always be by your side. Wish it was pocket-sized book.I’m very sure after reading this 2 books, you'll find yourself in the Computer Hacking Community (seeing yourself as a Computer Hacker with some great skills; still acquiring more). By now, I think you should be trying to advance your skills to another Level.If you're more interested with Web Application Testing or being a a Web developer, you should be thinking about reading:

“The Web Application Hacker’s Hand Book” by Dafydd Stuttard

web Aplication

Want to get more advance thinking of Binary Computer hacking? Check out:

“Hacking The Art Of Exploitation” By Jon Erickson

61Z6tYuUiYL._SX377_BO1,204,203,200_Maybe none of this makes sense to you. If so, you should get a good book like Web Hacking 101. It’s a good book for Starters and Non-technical People. It inspires and fosters the drive of becoming an Hacker.


I hope you find these resources useful for learning and practicing on how to become a Computer Hacker within a short time frame.One word of Warning: Don’t just watch videos on YouTube or some other video channels about how to hack when you don’t know the Basics.  You'll get into trouble. There are some useful secret information that can’t be passed through a Video. By reading books, you'll find some secret eggs.Imagine you watched a Video on YouTube entitle “How to DDOS a Server or an Entire Network” without you knowing the Implications. The target may have Intrusion Detection Systems in place logging all your activities. You'll be surprised to see cops outside your door waiting for you and you know what that means.
Hope you have enjoyed this post. If you have recommendations or questions, you can drop them in the comment section below .
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