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Biometric Verification as Identity Theft Protection

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By: Immanuel V

November 7, 2016

pixabay biometrics-154662_640As a cyber security expert doing a lot of research I've found a solution for identity theft.A security step added for identity verification which is known, but not added as a process in either the industries or governments of many countriesWe all know that by using foot- printing and reconnaissance methods, a hacker can access SSNs, personal information, addresses, and any other of the victim's identifying info, then use loopholes to commit identity theft.I recommend using a biometric verification procedure to confirm someone's identity before they are issued official documents such as; driver's license, passport, SSN or degree certificates.Biometric confirmation of your ID could be done at places like local police stations and official offices.  In this way, identity thieves can be prevented from acquiring false documents in someone else's name. 
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