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Biometric Verification as Identity Theft Protection-2

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By: Immanuel V

November 8, 2016

pixabayprivacy-policy-1624400_640My previous article on biometric verification raised an interesting concern with my readers: can 3D printing be used to copy fingerprints, creating an exploitable vulnerability?Here is the answer to that question:Fingerprints aren't the only means of biometric verification.There are several factors that can be used biometrically:
  • Fingerprints
  • Iris/Retina Scan
  • Face recognition
  • DNA
  • Hand Geometry
  • Earlobe Shape
DNA verification is the most reliable of these options.  So far, it's impossible for someone to replicate the DNA content of hair, saliva, or blood samples.I would like to remind everyone that I also suggested that police or government offices should be responsible for conducting biometric verification and authorizing new ID documents.I believe that police would be best qualified to prevent the use of duplicate fingerprints.An iris scan is difficult to fake and could be used in conjunction with fingerprinting and even DNA analysis to prevent an identity thief from getting false documents.Please feel free to share any questions or comments, I look forward to addressing any concerns regarding the validity of my ID theft prevention ideas.
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