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Beware the 'Paypai' Scam

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By: prezzio

November 11, 2017

These days, we might receive a well-written email which is not so easy for a "common user" to identify and mark a message as a threat...
PayPal users should pay attention to the email message with the subject: "Your PayPaI account has been Limited until we hear from you" is fake and a phishing scam. The email message claims that the recipients' PayPal accounts have been limited and they need to remove the limitation. But, the email message was not sent by PayPal and is a scam created by cyber-criminals to steal the recipients' PayPal usernames, passwords and credit card information, which they (scammers) will use to hijack their accounts and use them to make fraudulent purchases.
However, in this case, you can take into account 4 simple points to avoid issues:
  1. The message was sent to an address not used to access PayPal, this is quite suspicious
  2. Despite the URLs present in the email are pointing to "" domain using HTTPS, the one linked to the login button redirects to a scam server
  3. The signature ad the bottom of the message refers to somewhere in the USA instead of Europe (Luxembourg)
  4. Looking at the email details you can read "" instead of "", they use uppercase "i" in place of lowercase "L", it is very difficult to notice this because it is well disguised
Anyway, just the very first point would be enough to take your attention and avoid issues: an email sent to a never-used address for registering a service. Of course, you always need to remember what email you normally use to subscribe online services.
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