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By: Aaron Miles

July 3, 2017

I'll get straight to the point. As a business owner, I've learned some lessons over the years and want to share my experience in a quick way.Any business owner, regardless of the level of operation, should employ a white hat to secure/test all of their systems - the U.S. government (and presumably other country governments) does this to test certain security systems. Professional penetration testers can find the holes in your security that you never thought even existed. Granted, it's best to provide them a scope to work in so they don't dig where you don't want them to. Today's best way for marketing your business is revolved around internet dissemination, which leaves you substantially more vulnerable to attack than earlier forms of marketing. Social Media is a prime example, and the first platform on which your security can/will be compromised.However, the level of involvement your newly employed white hat has, is irrelevant, so long as you retain such an individual for basic security defenses. Look at it this way: No President ever travels without a Security Service on close proximity, so why should the President of a company not have a Security force for virtual protection?Don't let your business be compromised. It's much easier than you think.Final tidbit: If you have employees (logically most companies do), then you should make sure they know proper security for what they do/have access to. End user security is vital to keeping an organization safe because they are the weakest link in the security chain. We all know, you're only as secure as the weakest link. Train yourself and your employees, and have the right security for your needs.Have advice for me, or other? Please leave a comment.
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