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Comprehensive List of Tutorials and Learning Resources for the Infosec Pro

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By: Dallas

November 23, 2015

Encompassing List of Tutorials and Learning Resources for the Infosec Pro - CybraryWelcome!So, you want to be an...Ethical Hacker, Linux guru, programming master, network admin, expert of all things IT?Here's a collection of tutorials and learning resources that will get you started on whatever path you're hoping to take!I've personally accessed each site to ensure it's online and operational at the time of this writing.Some of the links are text-based with screenshots and require you to follow along in your own terminal/command line. ****DISCLAIMER****Please do not try these tutorials on a physical OS. When trying new things, attempting to learn (and/or break) a new system, always do it inside a virtual machine so that you can restart at anytime and the system will be reverted back to the instance before the changes/modifications took place.Think before you sudo, and always abide by the law. Never access another system without physical permission. Also, this site isn't designed to help you hack a Facebook account. We will not do the work for you, nor will we give you step-by-step instructions on how to hack anything. The goal is to LEARN how to do it yourself, not have someone else do it for you. So keep that in mind and have fun!I, nor, are responsible for any mistakes, modifications, illegal activities, machine failures or problems caused to a non-VM client caused by the use of these tutorials. They are not dangerous in nature, but as with anything, knowledge brings power and ability - good and bad. Always.****END DISCLAIMER**** ========================================================LINUX TUTORIALS: You want to speak Penguin?========================================================Text-Based (VM Required for Hands-on Experience):========================================================Interactive:========================================================NETWORKING TUTORIALS: How does the Internet work?! ========================================================Text-Based:========================================================Videos:========================================================ETHICAL HACKING/PENTESTING TUTORIALS: Find ways in!========================================================Test-Based:========================================================Interactive (learn hacking by gaming):  =======================================================Other sites that fit in MULTIPLE categories=======================================================Check out these sites for a nearly endless amount of information! I don't separate them into free vs. paid, because some offer BOTH free & paid material. They offer a long list of topics and you'll almost ALWAYS discover something else you're interested in without even trying.Topics include, but aren't limited to:
  • Hardware
  • Computer software
  • Audio production
  • Graphic
  • Digital Design
  • Science
  • Math
  • Business
  • Cyber Security
  • Web Design
  • Programming
  • Hacking
  • Networking
  I hope this information is helpful to you! Best wishes! ================================================================================================================ This is preliminary list to get people started. You'll come across things you don't need or don't apply to what you are aiming to do. If you find something that isn't working, let me know or put it in the comments. If you have other suggestions, post them in the comments!The list doesn't cover much programming. Yet, the last four sites listed (in the multiple category sites section) have programming tutorials.Finally, there are many opinions on what language is best to learn. C (and any variant of C), Python, Perl, Java, JavaScript, HTML5/CSS and SQL  are probably the ones I would recommend first. You may not necessarily need them all, so don't get overwhelmed.I hope this help you get started and get going. Feel free to contact me.-DallasSave
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