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A Beginner's Guide to Juliar Module Creation in Python - Part 1

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By: Rattar

September 6, 2016

mobile-phone-juliar-python*Juliar * Alpha 10 has just been released and there is a huge update that came with it.*Juliar * now allows import of modules created using python. That's right, you can now easilycreate your own modules in python and easily use them in *Juliar *.(This tutorial assumes you know how to run and execute *Juliar * commands. If you don't, check out the following tutorials: ) So why use "Python" to create modules for *Juliar *?  With 3 lines of python code, you can create a module. That's right only 3 lines of python code and you got yourself a fully working module.To get started, please download the Juliar's PythonDevKit found at you've downloaded and extracted the zip file. You should see 3 files. Once you've done that! Right click on and click extract.You should now have three files available.
  1. Juliar.exe ---Main *Juliar * Language
  2. Juliar.pyc -- This is an intermediate file that connects your Python module to Juliar. Each python-Juliar module project must have this.
  3. -- The example file (For this tutorial we will not be using it except for reference)
In that folder, let's create a new file ""Open the newly created file ( in your favorite text editor and input the following:`def hello(content,optionals):return "Hello Friend!"`[Please NOTE that each def will REQUIRE (content,optionals): ]Save the file and close the window.That's it! You just created your first Juliar module in python! We can probably guess that it will output "Hello Friend!", but will it work in Juliar? Let's test it!Open up "Juliar.exe" and type in *hello *Hmm, it says that the command hello is not found...Is something wrong?Yes, we forgot to import the module into our environment...So let's do that now.Type in `*import=py *`It should output that you successfully imported command: hello!Now type in:  `*hello *`It should output "Hello Friend!"Congratulations! You just got a white belt in creating Juliar modules in python!If you find any bugs, feature suggestions, or want to help out please contact me.Package Manager is coming soon, so do not delete the creations you make just yet!Part 2 is coming soon, so stay tuned!
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