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Bates Stamp Numbering for Documentation

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By: BellaBlackwell

April 23, 2018

Bates numbering legal documents is mainly done for data determination and retrieval. It provides a clear identification, protection with auto_increment numbering to organize documents smartly. The prefix and suffix make it easier to find the central subject matter of the documents/files. The bates numbering method is utilized in many fields, such as to resolve legal cases, medical reports, and in business areas to identify the date, numbers, time, images or documents. This can also be utilized to mark and specify images with copyrights via putting the name of company, logo, or any other legal copyright on documents. These Bates numbers are placed into the header or footer of the document as a macro. This process is also known as Bates stamping. However, users face various issues while applying bates stamp legal documents. Thus, they ask for how to number pages in legal documents. Let us understand this query more clearly with the help of a user query:“As I am a lawyer and I daily get thousands of PDF files related to some legal cases. However, whenever it comes to extract any particular document, I got confused, and this all takes a lot of time to find the specific content. To make this task easy for me, I want a simple solution using which I can easily find out the required document. Is there any easy and quick workaround to add bates numbering legal documents?”

Need to Bates Stamp Legal Documents

There come many points in daily life when users are required to make a unique identification for each document. Some principal needs to insert bates numbers are as follows:
  • Streamlined document organization and productivity workflows
  • For the proper file management
  • Document tracking and workflow management

A Perfect Solution For Bates Numbering Legal Documents

As we know that adding bates stamp legal documents makes easier to manage files. Thus, users need a perfect method that can add bate numbers to PDF without Acrobat. SysTools PDF Bates Numberer tool is one such an eminent solution to add bates numbering and Bates stamp on multiple PDF files in a single attempt. This software is completely safe to download and run. Also, it will not affect the working of any other installed application on the computer. This tool comprises some efficient highlights, some of them mentioned below:
  • Generate and insert bates numbering legal documents in batch
  • Eliminate encryption from PDF and add page number on it
  • Add Page Numbers to PDF and print it on paper
  • Option to add Prefix and Suffix to PDF file with Page number
  • Different styling options to add bates number in PDF files
  • It is not necessary to install Adobe Acrobat for PDF Page numbering

How Tool Bates Stamp Legal Documents?

  • Download and install PDF Bates Numberer tool
  • Launch it and click on Add PDF File/Folder to insert bates
  • Enter the Bates number format details
  • Tool add Bates Numbering Legal Documents


Legal documents are being generated and shared in altogether new ways. However, managing several PDF documents and finding the specific information from a bulk of data is very complicated and tricky task. Thus, users are required to organize documents in a particular order. To do this, they ask how to bates stamp legal documents? Therefore, to resolve this query, we have come up with this blog. Here, we have compiled one proficient way of bates numbering legal documents. The mentioned method is completely safe and does not require much technical knowledge.
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