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Batch Watermark PDF Files With a Free Solution

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By: sherry098

June 6, 2018

In this digital world, people create and share their documents every day. Whether it involves sharing information or sharing templates to fill in, documents are shared on big and small scales. Whether the document recipients are within the company or outside, security is the main concern when sharing data. However, many organizations prefer portable document format files (PDFs) as a means of sharing information. That's because these files, in addition to being portable, are also secure and maintain the originality of content. Another main functionality provided by PDF files is that they can be easily watermarked. Basically, when we batch watermark PDF files, it provides the identification of the owner and prevents files from being accessible to unauthorized users.

Why is PDF Watermarking Demanded by Users?

There are multiple reasons for which users are required to apply watermarks to PDF documents. Basically, it is one of the most effective ways to protect PDF files containing highly confidential, sensitive, or proprietary information.PDF watermarking is a way to track the spread of your PDF documents. Moreover, if a user has any proprietary information, then they can easily claim ownership if necessary when files are watermarked because watermarks cannot be easily removed by anyone else.PDF watermarking is also a way to classify PDF documents. It could be a reminder to the people who have access to a document about how they should be storing or treating it. For example, if the file is watermarked 'Confidential,' then people become more conscious while reading the document.

SysTools Free PDF Watermark Creator to Batch Watermark PDF Files

The SysTools PDF Watermark Creator not only applies a watermark to a PDF file, but it also allows a user to set the watermark's position. It is a professional, free, and reliable utility that batch watermarks PDF files for free. Before discussing how it works step by step, let’s look at unique features of the PDF Watermark Tool by SysTools:
  • A reliable tool to add picture as well as text watermarks to PDF files
  • Provides facility to customize watermark color, size, and placement
  • Add watermark image of any type, i.e., jpg, .png, .gif, .jpeg, etc.
  • Adjust the transparency level of the watermark
  • Creates summary report containing information about the watermark

How Do I Apply Watermarks to PDF Files with this Tool?

Follow these simple steps to batch watermark PDF files in an easy manner:
  • Install and Run PDF Watermark Creator tool.
  • Click the Watermark option to begin the PDF watermarking process.
  • Among the radio buttons, select either Text Watermark or Image Watermark.
  • Now, Add File(s)/Add Folder in which you want to insert the watermark.
  • Options like Remove & Remove All are available to remove PDF files.
  • Enter the specific text which you want to appear as a watermark.
  • Select the appropriate position.
  • Choose the font size, color, and transparency level of the watermark.
  • Click Browse button to select the destination path.


Nowadays, it is highly important to save documents with protection so that no one can perform alterations. One of the best methods to add security is to apply watermarks to PDF files. Watermarking prevents someone from altering the document. The watermark can be in text or image format, which appears either in front of or behind the existing document content. Therefore, considering all the things we have discussed, one of the best solutions, i.e., SysTools PDF Watermark Creator, is a simple solution to batch watermark PDF files free.
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