Basic Web Application Testing Checklist for Beginners
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Basic Web Application Testing Checklist for Beginners

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By: snrtherock
December 25, 2018
Hi,In this article, you can see the listed basic checklist to start with the Web Application Testing. There is lot more vulnerabilities are there and those will be updated in the future post. Here are the basic Web Application Vulnerability checklist for absolute beginners.
  • Click-jacking
  • Plain-text communication
  • Password Hashing
  • Email Address Disclosure
  • Cookies without HTTP only
  • Missing Secure attribute
  • HTTPS method-Option Method enabled
  • Method interchange
  • Default server page disclosure
  • Server version disclosure
  • Trace.axd
  • Robots.txt, Sitemap.xml
  • Application error
  • Improper error handling
  • File path disclosure
  • IP address disclosure
  • Sensitive information disclosure
  • Sensitive information in URL
  • Autocomplete enabled
  • Session Fixation
  • Weak Session Management
  • Session not Validate after logout
  • Session Hijacking
  • Multi-login
  • Session Token in URL
  • Session Timeout
  • Unrestricted file upload
  • Insecure direct object reference
  • Insecure Download
  • Unauthorized access
  • Change password feature missing
  • Change password without old password
  • Absence of complex / Weak  password policy
  • Html 5 cross origin
  • Authorization Bypass
  • Weak encoding / encryption
  • Parameter Manipulation
  • Directory Listing, Indexing
  • Cache-able HTTPS
  • Default credentials
  • Default / admin page disclosure
  • Test page
  • Anti-automation
  • Blind SQL injection
  • Html injection
  • Invalidated redirect &Fwd
  • OTP bypass
  • Cross-domain referrer leakage
  • CSRF - Cross Site Request Forgery
  • XSS - Cross Site Scripting
  • SQL injection
  • Brute force
  • Account Lockout
  • Sensitive information in source code
  • User enumeration
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